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Eight NHL Teams from the 2010-2011 Season will compete in a virtual playoff style tournament. Four teams will enter from each NHL Conference (Eastern/Western). Each team will be given a value of $204 upon entry and they will be provided a charitable cause in which they will be playing for. Each win during the tournament is worth $17; however only one team (the winning team) will be eligible to donate. What that means is, as teams are eliminated from the tournament, so too is their donation cause and amount. Each loss that a team receives will deduct their total donation amount; $5 in the first round, $15 in the second, $25 in the third. What that means is, the winning teams total donation amount could be $204 if they don't lose a game. Depending on the number of losses and in what round, the total donation amount could decrease significantly. If a team wins the tournament by going all seven games in each series, they would donate $69 to their cause. $69 is the least amount a team can donate while $204 is the most.

Entering the final, a player will be selected from the two teams as potential MVP of the tournament. If that player wins MVP, WLSN will donate an additional $5 to the winning cause. The computer simulation will determine the official MVP of the final.


The Virtual tournament will be played in two ways. The tournament will have one or sometimes multiple games of the week each week that will be broadcast LIVE on air (radio only). The virtual game of the week will be played on Microsoft’s XBOX platform through computer simulation. On the same date of the live broadcast, other games will be simulated using Microsoft. Listeners can find out the results of those match-ups during the live broadcast and at



The eight team virtual tournament will be played in playoff format, each series being a seven games series.


Picking Teams:

Teams will be selected randomly using Microsoft’s XBOX and EA Sports NHL 2010 (the game used for the tournament).


Picking Eight Charitable Causes:

The eight charitable causes will be picked by members of our station and our fans. Each cause will be paired with a team based on order picked. For example; once we determine our list of causes, we’ll start from the top and go down the list as we pick each team.


Where Can I Find The Stats?

We will update the VHFC Tournament page weekly at The page will provide information on causes, teams, stats, format, and more.


When will this start?

We’re hoping to get this started within the next few weeks for a June launch. We are in the progress of creating a sub page on our website. Once that is done, we will pick teams, listen to our fans to see who they want to see the money go to, and create the schedule.


When will the final donation be presented?

When the tournament is over, we will donate the winnings!

VHFC Tournament