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WLSN has upgraded its studio 2G to better serve its partners and national audience. The more notable upgrades include increased WIFI and LAN speeds. The studio can now download between 400-500 mbps with upload speeds of 21mbps. This upgrade should eliminate any issues with intermittent connection. The WIFI upgrage adds a second two-band router to the studio which provides download speeds of 40-60 mbps and upload speeds of 10-15 mbps for smart devices and guest devices.

The upgrades also include a face lift to technology. The studio has moved to a dual monitor set up, expanded guest seating with additional microphones, a 32 inch flat screen recycled TV with wall mount, a new high tech and studio sized keyboard and mouse, LED lighting with recycled fixture, and additional work space.

WLSN has extended partnerships for 2021-2022 with all of its shows including a re-worked agreement with 3 Count Thursday and Huddle Up which should provide additional exposure and outreach. In May, WLSN will extend its music license with ASCAP and we expect to announce the second annual Virtual Hockey Tournament for Charity.

Formerly the LEEIB Sports Network, now WLSN LEEIB Sports & Music Network transitioned to both sports and music last May during the COVID-19 pandemic. The network was created to provide authentic high-energy entertainment through live streaming and podcasting to a national audience. The network, a licensed internet radio live stream through the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), is made up of up-and-coming podcasters and internet radio broadcasters who have been searching for a starting point or in some cases a permanent home.

Upgraded wide-screen dual monitors and additional desk space. New mouse/keyboard not shown.

Upgraded to screen sharable smart TV. TV is recycled from previous use.

Upgrade to LED lighting. Light fixture is recycled from previous use.

Studio 2G has two Big Joe Chairs and two guest mic set ups.

Studio 2G from behind the desk. Missing from photo is second red chair and mic set-up behind screens.

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