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Nate's Take Put Forth Campaign

On Friday afternoon, Nate announced that as part of the announcement of season six of Nate's Take, he wanted to also let listeners know that his community efforts will be continued under a new umbrella. He announced the start of the Put Forth campaign with the slogan 'to bring into action'.

"Moving forward, as we approach our 6th season, I'm excited to announce that our community efforts will now be focused on small donations; and the promotion of those donations 'to bring into action' and create an effort of encouragement for other podcasters to make meaningful contributions to charitable organizations. The Put Forth campaign will be the hub of Nate's Take donations"

With the announcement, the Nathan's Team campaign now becomes defunct and the creation of Put Forth continues to keep the LEEIB Community efforts separate from the flagship show. There was a thought earlier this year that the two would combine into one community effort but the idea was scrapped when it was determined a collaboration could mean less possible charitable contributions. Both campaigns will continue to encourage listeners to make community contributions.

"I plan to continue to use my podcast as a way to incorporate sports in charitable contributions to organizations such as the Kid's Cancer Buzz-Off, an organization that I have donated over $1,000 to since 2013. The Put Forth campaigns motto 'to bring into action' aims to prove that small donations over time create big impacts that last a lifetime."

The former Nathan's Team slogan, "Every little bit counts" now serves as the WLSN LEEIB Community slogan. Every little bit counts served as the original slogan of the LEEIB Community program in 2011.

For more information on the Put Forth campaign, please visit http://natestake.net/putforth

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