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On Thursday, March 4th, 2021 we made the decision to bring back Community Day in April of 2021.

Community Day, also known as Community Donation Day started under the original LEEIB branding and eventually phased out during the transition to WLSN. As part of our community efforts, we feel its important to bring it back.

Community Day 2021 will be April 17, 2021. On that date, WLSN will make a variety of charitable contributions under our motto "every little bit counts" while encouraging listeners to do the same. We will publicly encourage support through our web presence, on air breaks, and live shows.

The Community Program believes in making big impacts through small donations. If you would like to be considered a donee, please reach out to us by email using the address provided below.

We encourage listeners to make meaningful charitable contributions and tell their stories! If you have a Community Donation Day story to tell, please let us know! We would love to interview you or tell your story on the air!

To let us know, call (802) 274-4328 or send us an email at lifeandeverythingelseinbetween@live.com!

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