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Nate's Take, Getting Sports With Drunk, Scotch Sporting, Huddle Up, 3 Count Thursday all sign on

Scotch Sporting

The show voted as the best show on the LEEIB Sports Network in 2016 and 2017 has agreed to rejoin the network in 2020! Scotch Sporting is one of the most popular Sports Podcasts on the web with over two-hundred episodes published! "Having Scotch Sporting return to our platform is a real jump starter" said Nate Rossetti, founder of the original LEEIB blog and Sports Network. Earlier this month, it was announced that the network would return with a new studio and pick up where it left off. During the announcement, it was unclear whether any of the previous shows would return. That question has somewhat been answered.

3 Count Thursday

Scotch Sporting, Nate's Take, Getting Sports with Drunk, Huddle Up with Jim & Dave, and 3 Count Thursday have all signed on. Getting Sports with Drunk won the best new show award in 2017! "Having a show where friends sit around and talk sports while encouraging it's listeners to enjoy a cold one is what it's all about. It adds a little explicit content to our mix and I think that's what our listeners liked and will continue to like moving forward" said Rossetti.

3 Count Thursday won the Personality Award in 2016 and 2017 and ran away with several awards in 2017 which included, the Leadership Award, Director's Award, and Manager's award. Huddle Up with Jim & Dave was also nominated and won the Co-Leadership award in 2017. "We're pretty fortunate to be able to have all of the award winning shows join us again as we move forward," Rossetti said. The five show line-up (as of now) gives the network a great start right out of the gate. The five different shows cover all sports including professional wrestling!

Getting Sports With Drunk
Nate's Take

On Nate's Take, Rossetti says that the revival of Nate's Take shouldn't be seen as a full-time project. "We're going to create a few shows here and there and release the content but I wouldn't call this a Monday-Friday project." Rossetti says he didn't plan the revival, "it just sort of happened." He says about two months ago he packed away his basement studio and began having second thoughts. "When I realized how much was there, I said to myself there are more stories to tell." Nate's Take is a three segment show done in twenty minutes. The first segment is what Nate considers "mind-inspiring sports talk" while the other segments of the show are somewhat unique. His second segment revolves around football picks where he donates money to causes in the community based on the outcomes of the picks. "It's just a nice thing to do. There are people who need help and what better way to provide it through a unique segment on the show." The second segment isn't the only segment where Nate provides community assistance. The third segment consists of a segment often called Card of the Day. This is a segment where Nate pulls a sports trading card from his collection, discusses the card, and provides it's value. He then turns around and donates that value to the Make A Wish Foundation. "That's one of my favorite segments because it's fun to talk about cards from my childhood but it's even more satisfying to use those cards to help someone get to a place they might not otherwise be able to go." We'll go to Disney World and see a wish kid and I'll say to my wife, "we helped play a small part in that!" The Community Program, often called "Nathan's Team" helps provide financial assistance to those who need it most through small donations. "We believe that every little bit counts. We're not setting the world on fire here with donations but a small donation can go a long way to making a big impact and that's what it's all about for us."

Huddle Up With Jim & Dave

The LEEIB Sports Network is a live stream 24/7 podcast network that started in Nate's basement in Vermont in 2015. LSN is a free service to podcasters looking to stream their shows at one time daily each week. "There is an application process but the original intent of LSN was to help up and coming podcasters have an additional platform to showcase their show" Rossetti said. "It's a you scratch my back I'll scratch yours type of deal. You advertise for us, we'll give you the platform and advertise for you and we both win." In 2018, he shut it down to focus on other things happening in his life. But he says that he's now comfortable with where he is and feels "the time is right" to pick up where he left off. The new studio will be moved above his garage. The construction is expected to take about two weeks and the setup of the studio another two weeks. It's expected that LSN will be back on the air in January 2020.

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