• Nate Rossetti, Contributor

Nate Rossetti's eyebrow raising playoff bracket

It took me a while to get it out this year but here it is. My 2017-2018 NFL post-season predictions and for some, they may come as a surprise. In the wildcard games, I'm picking Kansas City, Buffalo, New Orleans, and the LA Rams to move into the divisional round. In the divisional round, I'm sticking with my wildcard picks in the NFC with a shocker for the title game. New Orleans vs The Rams. I'm not sold on Nick Foles or Case Keenum leading their respective teams in the post-season. I am sold on the experience of Drew Brees and Sean Payton and I'm also sold on the combination of Gurley and Goff on offense for the Rams. I think those combinations alone give each team a better chance of moving forward as compared to their opponents.

In the AFC, I'm taking the #1 and #2 seeds to meet once again in the AFC Championship game. I'm not sold on the friction between Brady and Belichick although I do believe Belichick wanted to keep Jimmy G, I think the friction story is hogwash. I think the Patriots easily defeat the Bills who I have in that game as a complete shocker to defeat a strong Jacksonville defense. I don't think the Steelers have a problem at home against a Kansas City team that hasn't been so hot but a team I believe has the fire power to knock off a young Titans team.

In the NFC, I have the Rams shocking us all as the young team with the young quarterback who makes it to the Super Bowl. (Keep in mind, in 2001, Tom Brady and the Patriots were that team and the Rams were the dynasty who fell a part after that Super Bowl). In the AFC, I have my Super Bowl pick, the Patriots defeating the Steelers once again to advance.

In the Super Bowl, I think it could be a scary situation for fans in New England. Could this be a repeat of 2001 but in reverse? Do the Rams shock the Patriots and put an end to the dynasty? It's very possible but that's not how I'm picking. Instead, I'm sticking with my Super Bowl pick and going with New England and Tom Brady winning his sixth.

Am I right? Am I wrong? We'll all find out together! Enjoy the post-season party

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