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LSN Yahoo Fantasy Football Playoffs!

It's been a great season of Fantasy Football for our network. The show hosts have competed all season long with our listeners and contributors. On the host side, Jim fell from the division lead to Nate of Nate's Take. The three-time Fantasy champ led his Red Storm to six straight wins and an 8-6 regular season record with the key addition of Jared Goff. The Storm finished the season by defeating rival Brian McDougall. They will meet again in the first round of the playoffs. McDougall loses key player and star QB, Carson Wentz while Rossetti sits six game winner Goff for the return of Aaron Rodgers. This should make for quite the match-up between these two rivals! The winner will face the winner between Dezignated Driver and Ultimate Badasses.

Jim from 3 Count Thursday and the Huddle Up Podcast is the clear underdog in this match-up as the Ultimate Badasses come in at 11-3 and the #1 seed. Jim lost both games they played this season and looks to win on the big stage for a chance to play for a championship next week.

For all the action, in real time, be sure to check out our open page and follow the scoring along with us by going to the following link! https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/league/leeibsports We're gearing up for quite a Sunday!

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