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3 New Shows Coming!


We're excited to announce that three new shows will debut on LSN this week! Round Table Sports Talk, Reality Check'n, and Getting Sports With Drunk. These three shows will not disappoint our loyal following and we fully expect an increase in the number of listeners on our network.

On Friday, August 11th we began advertising three time blocks that were open on the network. Out of five interested applicants, three were selected the network. Round Table Sports Talk, Reality Check'n, and Getting Sports With Drunk will join a dedicated line-up. 3 Count Thursday, Huddle Up With Jim & Dave, The Sports Chop Block, Nate's Take With Nate Rossetti, Scotch Sporting, and the 4th Line Hockey Podcast have been with LSN since the network expanded in early 2016. Late in the year, we lost Key To The Game but picked up Ring The Bell with Brian Barrett. This line-up with the addition of Round Table Sports Talk, Reality Check'n, and Getting Sports With Drunk proves to be an all-star line-up.

LSN tweeted the news last night. Michael Jenkin, co-host of Reality Check'n tweeted that he was "So excited for what's ahead for Reality Check'n."

Shorty after, the show tweeted that it was "Very excited to be joining this stellar cast!!! Big things ahead!!!."

Round Table Sports Talk chimed in at 9:49pm stating that they too were "glad to be joining the cast as well! More shows to come!"

Creator of LEEIB, Nate Rossetti conducted the brief interviews Saturday afternoon. He listened to samples of five shows, spoke with co-hosts, and picked the three that best fit what he was looking for on the network.

The three shows are all unique, fun, and entertaining.

In a statement on his twitter feed Nate said, "I'm very excited about where @leeibsports1 has come and where it's going. This adventure has been one that I've enjoyed and plan to continue into the future. This network gives podcasters a place to stream daily. An opportunity for exposure and with our expanded bandwidth, I'm very excited about the future possibilities. I'm happy to announce that we've added three new shows that will begin this week. Out of five interested and very talented people. I chose three shows. These shows are interesting, fun, and unique. I very much look forward to welcoming them to our network."

Getting Sports With Drunk will slide into the 7am-8am time slot while Reality Check'n will stream from 5-6pm and Round Table Sports Talk 7-9pm.

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