• Nate Rossetti


Wildcard Matchups:

Oakland vs Houston:

If Derek Carr wasn't going to miss the post-season due to injury than I would pick Oakland in this game; however, because he will miss the post-season I believe Oakland has hit a major bump in the road. Houston may have their own struggles at the quarterback position but they have a good defense and a good defense trumps all things. They don't say 'defense wins championships' for no reason. I pick Houston to advance to play New England.

Detroit vs Seattle:

Let's face it, Seattle isn't the same team they used to be. In 2016, you just didn't know who was going to show up. They had good days, they had bad days. What they didn't have was consistency. Detroit on the other hand, Matt Stafford has played on another level. For whatever reason, Stafford was motivated and when Stafford is motivated, look out! Despite that though, I'm picking the more experienced Seahawks to advance to play Atlanta.

Miami vs Pittsburgh:

Miami enters with Matt Moore at quarterback, an automatic red flag off the bat. Pittsburgh, they enter knowing that if they lose, Mike Tomlin's job might be at stake. In a division with Cleveland and Cincinnati, the Steelers have only won 50% of the time. They're playing for their coach and they're playing to not be embarrassed. I'm picking the Steelers to win this game and advance to play Kansas City.

NY Giants vs Green Bay:

The Giants are a scary group this time of year. Usually when they get in as a wild-card they go on an unbelievable run. The problem? This year Tom Coughlin is absent. It's up to a new head coach to get his players over the hump. Can it happen? Certainly, especially in Green Bay where the Giants have owned the Packers in their last few meetings. That being said, I believe Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers find a way to win this gameand advance to play Dallas in what would be a playoff rematch from two years ago..

My complete playoff prediction:

In the NFC divisional round I have Dallas advancing with a win over Green Bay at home in what would be a rematch of two years ago when Dez couldn't hang to "the catch." I have a hot-lanta team defeating Seattle (a team that's been wildly inconsistent all year) to advance to the NFC Championship game.

In the Championship game, you guessed it, I have Dallas advancing to the Super Bowl.

In the AFC divisional round I have New England jumping all over Houston at home. Keep in mind, these two met earlier in the season at Foxborough and Jacoby Brissett beat them to get his first NFL win. Enter Tom Brady, yeah, that isn't much of a game. I also have Kansas City advancing with a win over Pittsburgh. Last year, New England defeated them at Foxborough in the divisional round. This year, I have them playing a rematch in the championship.

In the Championship game, I have New England advancing to the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Fifty-One:

In July, I predicted Dallas vs New England in Super Bowl fifty-one. At the time, I made the argument that Tony Romo and Dez Bryant would both be healthy on top of Dallas having a tremendous offensive line. Despite change due to injury, Dallas bulldozed over it's opponents with rooke sensation, Dak Prescott in charge. They found their quarterback of the future and he'll be the first rooke quarterback to lead a team to the Super Bowl.

In the AFC, I said Patriots all the way. I claimed that this would be the year Tom Brady would fill his right hand with rings and win his fifth Super Bowl which would cement his legacy and officially make him the undisputed best quarterback of all time.

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