Every Little Bit Counts!

Donation Boxes

April 17, 2021 was WLSN - LEEIB Sports & Music Community Donation Day. WLSN, under its community motto, "every little bit counts" made $25 donations to the following charitable organizations: Guide Dog Foundation, Prevent Cancer Foundation, and the American Cancer Society. For more information on these community contributions, click here. Community Day started in 2011 under the original LEEIB branding before eventually phasing out after 2014. In 2021, it was brought back as Community Donation Day.

Nate and his family find unique and clever ways to make community donations through sports and music. Nate believes small donations make big impacts which is why the LEEIB Community motto is and always has been, "every little bit counts!"


The LEEIB Community program was created in 2011 with the original purpose of providing and encouraging small community donations and contributions. Nate believes that small donations and community contributions create big impacts. In the early years as the Life & Everything Else In-Between blog, Nate raised money through selling sponsorship's through passionfruit and direct advertising. That money went to several community programs such as the Komen Foundation, New Life Animal Rescue, The American Red Cross, The One Fund, The Jimmy Fund, The Kid's Cancer Buzz-Off, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and more. Today, as a hobby and a "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" station, Nate uses little money earned through sponsorships and local merchandise sales to put toward community donations and the majority and often all of the money comes directly from the Rossetti family either through fundraising or direct donation. Our hope is that our positive influence will influence others to help make meaningful contributions to their own communities.

In 2020, we added the annual VHFC (Virtual Hockey For Charity) tournament. The tournament is comprised of eight virtual NHL teams, each competing for an assigned cause. The winning team of the tournament has the potential of raising a maximum of $204 with a minimum of $69. The 2020 tournament teams played for the following causes: Black Lives Matter, The American Red Cross, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, American Humane, Make A Wish Foundation of Vermont, Guide Dog Foundation, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and Prevent Cancer Foundation. The 2010 Washington Capitals won the tournament.