On Super Bowl Sunday during the second annual Nate's Take Super Bowl Special, Nate will announce the first annual Super Steamy Streamy Award winners! These awards were created as a way to celebrate and honor the shows on our network. There are five awards, two of which are voted on. Three of the five winners are chosen by the station GM and his family. Please see criteria and the list of awards below.


Super Steamy Streamy Award

Awarded to the show voted on by the hosts, co-hosts, and listeners of the LEEIB sports network as being the number one show of the year on LSN. 

Directors Award

Awarded to the show voted on by the hosts and co-hosts of each show on the network as being the most dedicated, hard-working, and overall fun show on the network.



Managers Award

This award, awarded by the GM, is awarded to the show that best represents the values of what the network stands to represent. The show that represents the network in professionalism, integrity, dedication, and leadership.


Personality Award

This award, awarded by the GM and his family, also known as personality of the year, is recognition for tremendous work behind the mic and excellence in helping your show stand out on the network.


Nathan's Team Leadership Award

This award, voted on by Nate and his family, is awarded to an individual, company, or organization that has helped contribute to the growth and success of the LEEIB sports network. The Nathan's Team program, through the incorporation of sports, helps assist causes in the community through small donations. The motto of the program is every little bit counts. We believe that a little help can go a long way. The Leadership Award nominee represents those values.